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Self Publishing – the way forward

Are you a new author? Or have you written multiple books? Are you a student who wants to explore the world of words? Or are you a teacher who wants to spread knowledge?

Does your dream involve seeing your book in people’s hand?

You have done the hard part. You have thought about a story or a memoir or a topic or anything else for that matter. You have given words to your thoughts. So, you have completed the harder part as well. The masterpiece is ready. The bestseller is on the cards.

But, do you know what is the hardest?

Getting published.

Publishing Experience

Yes, you might have gained some experience in trying for it. We bet it gets frustrating. You send your manuscripts to multiple publishers and literary agents. You keep your fingers crossed for weeks and months. And the general reply?
“We will not be able to publish your work presently. Thanks for showing interest”

That is it. Just two lines. Are these two lines so strong that your dreams get shattered? Can someone else make you disappear into the oblivion? Think over it.

Traditional publishers may not even look at your manuscript before rejecting. They consider it too risky to give opportunity to someone unknown. And even if by strike of some luck, one of the publishers like your script, they say that it may take years to get published. Mind you, that is not guaranteed as well.

We are here for you….

The world should not be devoid of the opportunity to see your masterpiece. Your dream should reach its destination.
Here comes self publishing. It is the way forward. The author is the boss. No more budging under someone else. You should be the owner of your creation. You should benefit the maximum from it. Self publishing provides the best opportunity to authors. They can decide the timeline of release, the design and even royalty. The author has complete control over the entire process of publication.

So what do we do? We are facilitator. We provide you every tool, opportunity and advice for the entire process. We understand your requirements professionally and generate the best output of your thought process. We design covers for you. We edit your material. We provide you with the marketplace. We provide with all necessary registrations and copyrights.

In short, we provide identity to your book. We bring it to life.
And guess what? We do it as per your convenience. We follow your time.

So why wait, drop in a mail to us and we will take it forward from there. Within days, the bestseller will be ready to enchant readers worldwide.